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Beads for Battle is a non-profit Cancer support organization that aims to spread hope and positivity to everyone affected by Cancer. Our organization is open to all Cancer patients, survivors, and families who have lost a loved one to the disease. Our goal is to raise awareness of Cancer and encourage everyone to make scheduled doctor visits and become more aware of their bodies in order to detect any early signs of the disease. Our warriors all receive free handmade bracelets that symbolize their strength and the continuous support from the community.  The patients also keep in close communication with us by sending photos and updates of their journey, as well as addressing their fears with the road ahead. Although we know how difficult it is to remain optimistic during this battle, we strive to leave patients with a smile and show them that their lives are worth fighting for. We encourage everyone to join the Beads for Battle support community. 


Since the first day of its inception in May 2013, Beads for Battle has reached out to thousands of individuals across the world who are battling Cancer. To this day, Beads for Battle has donated hundreds of bracelets to patients in hospitals such as City of Hope, St Jude’s Children’s research hospital in Memphis Tennessee, USC Cancer Norris Center, UCLA Radiology and Oncology Departments, Cancer center in Yerevan, Armenia and continuously to many private clinics throughout California.

Who we help

  • Make a charitable donation


  • Hashtag #BeadsforBattle and help raise awareness on social media


  • Participate in our upcoming events and fundraisers


  • Have a fundraiser idea? Email us and join the fight


  • Do you know someone who has been affected by cancer? A family who has lost a loved one? Send us their information and we would love to become a part of their journey! 

How can YOU help?

Our beautiful bracelets are each handmade and uniquely designed by our team of volunteers. They take time out of their lives to help carry out our mission by raising awareness and bringing hope to those affected by Cancer around the world. They care for the well-being of our patients and are available around the clock to provide moral support and encouragement to help the fighters get through their day with strength and positivity.


Who makes the bracelets?

Follow us

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